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English Musical Workshop with Laura Giosh-Markov

“From Laura to the children: Music, rhythm, fairytales and more”

Hey, who says fairy tales are just for kids?

Whoever it is, they are a bit mistaken and our parent-children musical workshop in English proves it. Helped by the lovely Laura, our little musicians, along with their parents, practice their ear for music and their language skills while mum and dad have the chance to meet up with other parents and over a cup of steaming coffee or tea, have a nice, relaxing conversation in our cozy atmosphere. Through playing games and singing songs in English based on suggestopedic values, before they know it, kids learn a huge range of new words and phrases in English, while involved in a group activity having so much fun in the meantime! Needless to say, sharing this experience with your children is beneficial for both parties- you partake in the colorful and careless kids’ world and interact with other parents who believe in the fun and easy suggestopedic approach, while your children get to show you their quick learning of English and musical talent.

Here is how a typical musical workshop in English goes: by Laura upon arrival, everyone gets to indulge in a cup of aromatic coffee or tea, delicious cookies and seasonal fruit. After we warm up the voices, children and parents are invited to gather in a circle and Laura introduces today’s story with puppets and images so the kids get their first idea of the new lexica in English. With songs, dances and rhythmic activities, the children memorize new words much faster and prepare for the role each of them is given in the story. After the group activity, each child gets to interact with their new friends, exercise their English-speaking skills and color print-outs, based on today’s story which show them the correct spelling of the new words they learned in the English musical workshop.
While the kids are getting crafty at the end of the workshop, parents have time to chat, discuss and exchange ideas and probably make some new friends, just like their little ones.
An entertaining musical language workshop in English that gifts your child with new skills and fun activities and gathers you with people sharing similar interests- sounds like the perfect weekend activity, doesn’t it?

The English musical workshop with Laura Markov is held once a month. Dates may vary so we kindly ask you to follow our Facebook page for more information.

Stay tuned to our page for info on the multilingual Christmas sing-à-long that we have coming on the 17th December. We have invited guest-musicians who will work with the kids and start up the very merry Christmas Holidays for all our friends and clients! Everyone is welcome!